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DEC 17TH & 18TH, 2022

Powered by the eRacing Association

Tournament Details

LEAGUE: eRacing Association

SERIES: GT Equity Prime Mortgage Alpha Cup

PRIZE POOL for the EPM ALPHA CUP Gran Turismo Events:
$1,000.00 will be divided across the Top Three Finishers as Follows…

  • 1st Place: $600.00
  • 2nd Place: $300.00
  • 3rd Place: $100.00

ALL DRIVERS are required to sign up for this event through the eRacing Association Gran Turismo Member Portal. This event is open to all members signed up through our eRacing Association Gran Turismo portal and does not require a paid membership to be eligible to participate or win any level of the prizes offered to competitors. Rules of the event, event format, qualifying and final round instructions will be forwarded to all registered and eligible participants via the email address you utilized to sign up for the eRacing Association EPM Alpha Cup events. All participants will receive a confirmation email after sign up and should watch for event notifications in the days leading up to an event.


The EPM Alpha Cup will be ran with GT3 Class Cars with the exception of the Toyota Supra and all GT3 versions of the Vision Gran Turismo Cars. These cars are excluded from competition due to unfair performance parameters.


Streamed on the eRacing Association social feeds:

eRacing Association – YouTube
eRacing Association | Facebook
eRacingAssociation – Twitch


  1. If Gran Turismo Sport assesses a penalty during a heat race or the main event the Gran Turismo Sport (GT Sport) penalty system will be utilized. In hosted GT Sport competition GT Sport will assess penalties for track cutting, contact, unsafe entry to racing surface and other unsportsmanlike driving. Penalties should be taken in a timely manner after seeing the initial assessment of penalty and will be served as early as possible off the racing line and in a manner that does not impede your competitor’s race.
  2. eRacing Association Officials have the right and ability to assess further penalties up to and including removal from the League and disqualifications/forfeiture of prizes for any driver intentionally wrecking themselves or another driver to secure a higher finishing position for their self. Obscene language toward another driver with malicious intent in chat or by voice. Ignoring any rules or directions by the race director during the race.
  3. Starts/Restarts: If Safety car is being utilized the leader controls all initial starts and restarts during the race. Leader will start on the inside for all starts/restarts.
  4. Accident Avoidance: In the event a wreck happens around you, do not accelerate in an attempt to drive through it for any reason. Get on the brakes and let the accident happen and after the cars involved are clear you will be permitted to safely continue driving. If you are caught violating this rule and you cause additional collisions, you will be given a virtual black-flag by ERA Officials and have to serve a “drive-through” penalty. Drive through penalties require a competitor serving this penalty to drive through the pits without stopping or servicing their vehicle to serve the penalty the driver is trying to clear. Remember race officials may have limited access to views during Gran Turismo based competition. This is why we ask all racers to record their race if possible and submit any footage where there may be a blatant rules violation. Please keep in mind, GT racing can involve contact and the GT Sport penalty system will police most contact as it occurs. If you feel a penalty was handled incorrectly by the in game system, please bring this to an eRacing Association Officials attention promptly for review. Any protest made without video of the incident will not be reviewed. Incidents caused by lag are considered the responsibility of the driver lagging. ALL DECISIONS HANDED DOWN BY ERA OFFICIALS ARE FINAL.
  5. Radio (DISCORD): Radio is to remain clear during the race. There is no calling out other drivers. If an admin tells you to keep the radio clear, adhere to that. If radio coms continue after a warning is issued the offending driver will be removed from the race no questions asked. Multiple violations of this rule will result in further action up to and including removal from the event/league. DISCORD channel link:
  6. Retaliation: The admin committee will review all wrecks recorded and submitted for review after the race. If a wreck is determined to be malicious and/or deliberate it could result in removal from the event/league.
  7. Race Etiquette Cars are required to stay on the racing surface at all times. There is to be no elongated drifting, donuts, or any other actions deemed to be unprofessional during the course of the race. Violations of this rule will result in a black flag. Multiple infractions will result in removal from the event/league.
  8. Post-Race Etiquette Only the winner is permitted back to the start finish line on a cool-down lap unless an admin tells you otherwise. All other cars must return to pit road the next time by or park and tow in a safe manner off of the racing surface. There is no contact deliberate or not after the race. Do not engage in any contact with another driver. Contact with another driver after checkers is out will result in a one-race suspension. Multiple infractions of this rule will result in further action up to and including removal from the event/league.
  9. Social Media Etiquette Drivers are not to post negative comments on social media regarding the league or other drivers. If you have a dispute please bring it to our attention via Facebook or Instagram dm. Violations of this will result in action up to and including removal from the event/league. Have fun and respect your fellow drivers.

** League rules are subject to change at admins discretion at any point during the season if deemed necessary. It is the responsibility of all league members to check for rule changes each time they register for an event as ignorance to rule changes is not an excuse for not abiding by them.



Any Gran Turismo drivers who sign up with the eRacing Association for our EPM ALPHA CUP events. The EPM ALPHA CUP event registration will be filled on a first come, first served basis.


ERA EPM Alpha Cup Qualifying Heat Races


Qualifying Heats: Tokyo Expressway

Main Event: Tokyo Expressway

Qualifying Format:

Qualifying Heat Races will be 20 minutes in length. Starting positions for Qualifying heats will be set at random.


Racers will be divided into heats with 10 vehicles in each. We will draw the drivers for each at random and send an email to all competitors officially registered for the event 2 days before the Qualifying Heat Races are scheduled to take place.

Heat races will be held on Saturdays, and the first heat will begin at 9 a.m. Pacific (12 p.m. Eastern Standard time). All drivers signed up will be emailed prior to raceday what heat they are in, directions to join, and what the schedule/timeline will be for the race weekends

Due to the nature of Gran Turismo Sport and not being able to have Race Marshalls watching at every corner of the circuit at all times, we ask that our racers record their races to the best of their ability and should a formal protest need to be filed submit the protest along with the video of the incident to




The EPM Alpha Cup Main Event day will begin on Sunday at 9 a.m. Pacific (12 p.m. Eastern Standard time). The actual Main event will be after Qualifying and will consist of a 10 minute Practice Session, 20 minute Qualifying Session to set the running order for the 14 drivers making it to the final from the heat races held the week before the Main Event.


EPM Alpha Cup Main Event Qualifying Session and Main Event


Qualifying Heats: Tokyo Expressway

Main Event: Tokyo Expressway

PRIZE POOL for the EPM ALPHA CUP Gran Turismo Events:
$1,000.00 will be divided across the Top Three Finishers as Follows…

  • 1st Place: $600.00
  • 2nd Place: $300.00
  • 3rd Place: $100.00

Main Event Format:

10 Minute Practice/20 Minute Qualifying/1 Hour Race

Once the 20 minute Qualifying for the 14 drivers making it to the Final is complete, Gran Turismo Sport will assign grid positions and we will begin the EPM ALPHA CUP Main Event.

Main Event Format:

1 hour endurance race on the Tokyo Expressway

Main Event Settings:

Balance of performance on, tire wear 7X and Fuel at 5X. We are aware these settings will require competitors to possibly pit during the main event depending on their strategy of choice. We encourage all competitors to practice and prepare for the settings above well in advance of the main event.


ALL DRIVERS must be on eRacing Association Discord in the “ERA ALPHA CUP Race Chat” room during the race:

If you have not yet downloaded the DISCORD software, please do so and make sure to join the eRacing Association “ERA ALPHA CUP Race Chat” server. Please download on your phone or PC.

Remember, all eRacing Association Feature Events are being broadcast on multiple social channels. Let’s give the fans the thrill of seeing you all competing on the track during this time. No one wants to see an hour of caution laps or poor sportsmanship. Please keep this in mind when you are racing with us. We expect competitors in our events to race hard, but clean. We require our competitors to be in the designated Discord Channel for these events and will not hesitate to warn any competitor for unsportsmanlike driving. Penalties for avoidable contact and causing an incident will be served at the discretion of the GT Sport penalty system and the race steward in charge. Due to the nature of camera controls in Gran Turismo, we may not be able to see every incident as it happens. We expect our racers to avoid contact whenever possible, but understand that some contact at times is simply part of racing. We will do everything in our power to investigate any incidents reported during our events and will not tolerate unclean driving and intentionally causing contact or incidents. If you are found to have intentionally caused any incident you will be removed from the eRacing Association and scored at the back of the finishing order for the race you caused an intentional incident in.


We ask that drivers share photos with ERA from the event highlighting the driver’s set up and experience in real time. Send photos to

We also ask our racers to share the event, pics and video over their own social channels and tag @eracingassociation

Any photos sent to this email will be accessed and may be shared by ERA and/or other appropriate media outlets and channels for use broadly across social, digital and earned media. By sharing photos with this email address, Getty Images gain rights to select images from drivers to share via its photo wire and will be posted under the “ERA Collection.”


We want to share an interview with the Top Three Finishers with everyone following along with the eRacing Association. The Podium Finishers will need to stay logged into the ERA Discord Server and be ready for a 2 to 5 minute interview after the final round race concludes.


All results are subject to post race penalties. The eRacing Association Race Stewards will investigate any and all issues of misconduct including on track incidents and any form of potential cheating and will hand down penalties from giving a warning to banning an individual from the eRacing Association and assigning a DNF to an individual stripping them of their finishing position for the event where an offence takes place. ALL DECISIONS MADE BY ERA OFFICIALS ARE FINAL.

eRacing Association Alpha Cup

League Format and Rules


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